Everybody Knows Nobody

by Soapbox Soliloquy

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released March 15, 2015

All music written, performed, and recorded by: Jasmine Deja
Artwork by: Jasmine Deja

Tracks 1-4 recorded @ Mac and Cheese Studios
November-December 2014
Tracks 5-8 recorded @ Rhom Bus Window Studios
January-March 2015

Special thanks to:
Gandalf the Grey, Siddhartha, Lucy Love, and David the conquerer of Goliath




Soapbox Soliloquy St. Petersburg, Florida

Soapbox Soliloquy is just that, a soliloquy atop a soapbox. Through the use of highly intricate and nauseatingly advanced cloning technology from the planet Argelius II and magic learned from a royal flush of mystics, Jasmine is able to control the space time continuum for long enough to record a song or two once every lunar cycle. ... more

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Track Name: PoMo Homo
Everybody knows Nobody
Not even one's Self
at disposition with one's body
clouded sensory inputs of this plane that we dwell

Illness is just dissonance
that we cannot quite comprehend
so we call it something different
compartmentalized in our nerve ends
Track Name: Cardinal Direction
With each pace she claims
she watched the cardinal as it waits
just outside the city's gate
flickering red
a flame
dancing in the rain
out of place
demanding space
Track Name: Helen Lee
You should take off your dress
and put some pants on
with me
we could both ride our bicycles
all day
in the breeze
Helen Lee
ride with me

We could be a new kind of woman
with no such domestic ties
who could ever want anything more than you
when they got a friend
as grand as
you are mine

We'll share a love
that dare not speak it's name
but it's a shared love
all the same
Track Name: The Fall of the Moonlight Regime
As the moonlight revokes its reign
and the morning rays be gain to raise
there's nothing that I can say
that cannot be erased
as the morning rays
begin to raise
Track Name: Tortoise Lullaby #1
Track Name: Idea of Impermanence
I used to be his sister's girlfriend
until one day she went off the deep end
and tried to take me from
the rock and roll
but I'm certain in
the idea of impermanence

reaching out
in hopes to get a grip
of the door
and discover what way it opens
Track Name: Murder Mountain
You came down
from Murder Mountain
after losing yourself in Mary's Hair
You came back
with bigger pockets
after losing your breath to the higher air
Track Name: Solidified Wax
You drop the solidified wax
use Emerson's arm needle
to scratch
and extract
someone's words
taped together to last
wood laminate vibrating on
your forearms
and back

Starting with the absence of light
Saturday afternoon
becomes Sunday night
Crafting the universe in the corner of the room
you came and went
hope you come again soon

cause you just can't
come soon enough
for me