Good Morning Dragonclaw

by Soapbox Soliloquy

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released June 27, 2017

All music written, performed, and recored @ Rhombus Window Studios, The Bamboo Room, and an undisclosed beach condo in the fall of 2016-the winter of 2017 by Jasmine Deja except for:

track 1 and 12 which were recorded with The Nimbus Initiative: Nick Boutwell on synthesizer, Gino Capone on bass guitar, Jasmine Deja on rhythm guitar and lead vocals,Fernando Diaz on various keyboards/sound effects, Drew Giordano on lead guitar, Riley Morgan on 12-string acoustic guitar, Trevor Mustoe on drums

and track 3 with Katherine Kelly doing vocals and lead guitar

Album art by: Tom Torluemke

Special thanks to:
Project Dragonclaw, Siddhartha, Lucy Love, and David the conquerer of Goliath




Soapbox Soliloquy St. Petersburg, Florida

Soapbox Soliloquy is just that, a soliloquy atop a soapbox. Through the use of highly intricate and nauseatingly advanced cloning technology from the planet Argelius II and magic learned from a royal flush of mystics, Jasmine is able to control the space time continuum for long enough to record a song or two once every lunar cycle. ... more


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Track Name: Payroads
Every kiss is just a habit
but all habits can be broken
every time I let love leave my lips
is another lie I’ve woven
every song I ever wrote
started as a poem
every word I’ve tried to speak
has already been spoken, oh no

The black clouds crowding the atmosphere truly never fade
every exit that we passed
is another toll I should have paid

I never really do too well
approaching contravention
I always try to try my best
to keep to circumvention
I’ve accepted avoiding the problem
allows another to take it’s place
all the gold you hold in life
seldom ever stays, oh no
Track Name: Dragonclaw
You must make room
for another in your story
and everything
will feel just a little scary
every fear we share
could just as well be seen
as a tear in the map
or a stairwell
to elevate your being

We will teach
you everything that you’ll ever need
knowledge that we gained
through years of pain and suffering
in the highest of hopes
to lessen the load you’ll have to carry
to elevate your being
Track Name: Cracks In The Wall
So waged the war of mothers
against the colonial forces
marching up to your doorstep
crawling through the cracks in the walls

Fighting them off with hot pressured water
watch them scatter
their first line falter
march more up to your fortress
crawling through the cracks in the wall

Your effort is futile
you’re clearly outnumbered
you’re against thousands ‘pon hundreds
marching up to your doorstep
crawling through the cracks in the walls
Track Name: Ms. Moose Pencil
Holier am I than thou
on my high horse
and I’m not coming down
armed with mice
and keyboard clicks
perpetuating self-violence

Safe and sound
I’m better now
losing it and bugging out
at everything I deem offensive
progressive in means of regression

Moose Pencil, Moose Pencil
down with Ms. Moose Pencil
hang your crown
and end your reign

Protesting just to get off
begging for a chance to scoff
out of context criticism
leads to artistic crucifixion
Track Name: Fire Sale
You’ve been mean babe
and you’ve been seen
you’ve been mean babe
and you’ve been seen
I saw you do it once
I saw you do I twice
so I won’t stick around
to let you do me thrice
so I’m packing all my bags
and leaving in the night
‘cause you’ve been mean
and that can’t be unseen
Track Name: Father's Funeral
I’m looking for a dress
for my father’s funeral
of course in black
preferably dressy casual
I want one that fits just right
not too loose, but not too tight

It can’t be something that will catch an eye
but something that’s worth my father’s life
It’s a morning affair
but the mourning will last
well past the evening
and the months to pass
Track Name: You're Two Stone Dad
You’re Two Stone, Dad
you’re Two Stone
I’m One Stone

I’m your own, Dad
you’re Two Stone
I’m One Stone
Track Name: Lucy Love
You are where life began for me
you made these eyes to see
you made these lungs to breathe
you made this mouth to speak

Lucy Love

You are forever the epitome
of divinity
you are everything