Heady Stones

by Soapbox Soliloquy

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All music @ Rhombus Window Studios by Jasmine Deja
All music written, recorded, performed, and mixed by: Jasmine Deja

Bones and Flesh (Unchopped):
lyrics and backup vox by: Steven Borkowski
additional backup vox by: Paul Borkowski

Drums by: Nick Boutwell
Bass and Synthesizer by: Gino Capone

Oxy Hannah:
Drums by: Nick Boutwell
Bass by: Gino Capone

Ambition Shuns:
lyrics by: William Shakespeare

Mastered by: Tahlia Tinkham


released May 7, 2016




Soapbox Soliloquy St. Petersburg, Florida

Soapbox Soliloquy is just that, a soliloquy atop a soapbox. Through the use of highly intricate and nauseatingly advanced cloning technology from the planet Argelius II and magic learned from a royal flush of mystics, Jasmine is able to control the space time continuum for long enough to record a song or two once every lunar cycle. ... more


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Track Name: Miniturette
Do you ever fear
you're just another miniturette
in some model town
in some teenagers apartment

take a walk through the darkest forest
you're convinced all the trees are plastic
how would I know any different
as this is the only birth I remembered to live
the only matter that truly matters is
the matter I come in contact with
the only thing that I know for sure is
that I truly don't know shit

do you ever think
of the aspiring architect
the god they pray solemnly to
at every Sunday service
came across these blueprints on accident
now we're his biggest embarrassment
we're just another encumbrance
a failed science experiment
Track Name: Oxy Hannah
They're popping
handfuls of oxyana
in the coal mines of Oceana

Oh Hannah
Hand over the stash

We robbed the
old lady living next door
what all did
she need all that money for
when I can't afford
my ride on the ocean ride
Track Name: Blue Dream
Blue dream crystal lover
you are never alone
believe me
like no other
you are never alone
Track Name: I Want Your Carcass
I want your carcass
stripped to the bare bone
I will take you in my claws and ascend to heavenly heights
I will drop you to the rocks below
shattered, I will collect your pieces

Succulently I will swallow them one by one
my stomach full of rusted battery acid
will dissolve your gross impurities alone
your sweet marrow will remain

My unholy elixir
Track Name: 4 Short
All the dogs on the mountain go...
Track Name: Reckless Ambition
You don't need your God
you need good intentions
you don't need your religion
you need reckless ambition

You don't need your church
you need a clean perspective
you don't need your prayer

You need to put conscious time and effort
into being a better person
and treat everyone with the upmost level of respect

Of course including yourself
Track Name: Red Red Ribbons
Just because you think someones cute
doesn't mean you have to fuck them
just because you like the way someone's lips curl
doesn't mean you have to take your own lips and touch them

Just because you like the way someone's back swell
doesn't mean you got to dress it up in red red ribbons
just because you like the way someone's hair falls
doesn't mean you have to give it hell with no forgiveness

Cause let me tell you
ghostly ghoul

I don't give a good god damn
about your forgiveness
Track Name: Change
As of late I've felt so drained
over worked and underpaid

Now I can't wait to
go and break loose
and get away

Cause I need a change
in scenery
oh I need a change
in who I see
oh I need a change
to feel complete
oh I need a change
in me

As of late I've felt so strained
bending backwards
with little gain
Track Name: Cure Your Own Burns
Take another wrap around the block my darling
never had a thing to be sorry for
before I met you
you're in mouth you're a wretched little tooth ache
like a babe bound bow about to break

You see through
my thickest ruse

Got a black eye
that I'd rather not discuss
on the hinged door of my love
step through yourself
my how the tables have turned

A fire fighter must learn
to cure their own burns

Cure your own burns
Track Name: Ambition Shuns
Under the greenwood tree
who loves to lie with me
and tune his merry note
unto the sweet birds throat

Come hither

Here he shall see
no enemy
but the winter
and the rough weather

Who doth ambition shun
and loves to lie in the sun
he seeks the food he eats
and pleased with what he gets
Track Name: Bones and Flesh (Unchopped)
You begin to see
this how life should be
no thoughts
the mind is lost
the body's free
the feeling that this brings

You always look to the sky
you always wonder why
Track Name: Now For A Word From Conductor Richard D. Fuddler
Now for a word from Conductor Fuddler
full of promise, valor, and luster
he seems to be rather flustered
what seems to be the problem Conductor Fuddler?

I jumped the train just before the wreck
now I sit and watch it burn
I sincerely apologize
for not being able to spare each man, woman, and child's life