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Do you ever fear
you're just another miniturette
in some model town
in some teenagers apartment

take a walk through the darkest forest
you're convinced all the trees are plastic
how would I know any different
as this is the only birth I remembered to live
the only matter that truly matters is
the matter I come in contact with
the only thing that I know for sure is
that I truly don't know shit

do you ever think
of the aspiring architect
the god they pray solemnly to
at every Sunday service
came across these blueprints on accident
now we're his biggest embarrassment
we're just another encumbrance
a failed science experiment


from Heady Stones, released May 7, 2016




Soapbox Soliloquy St. Petersburg, Florida

Soapbox Soliloquy is just that, a soliloquy atop a soapbox. Through the use of highly intricate and nauseatingly advanced cloning technology from the planet Argelius II and magic learned from a royal flush of mystics, Jasmine is able to control the space time continuum for long enough to record a song or two once every lunar cycle. ... more


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