Closeface // Ghostface

by Soapbox Soliloquy

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released June 14, 2015

All music written, performed, and recorded by: Jasmine Deja

(Except for Ghost Caress which words were written by: Paul Borkowski and Jasmine Deja)

Recorded and mixed in late May through early June of 2015
@ Sweet Mango Manor and Rhom Bus Window Studios

Special thanks to:
Project Dragonclaw, Siddhartha, Lucy Love, and David the conquerer of Goliath




Soapbox Soliloquy St. Petersburg, Florida

Soapbox Soliloquy is just that, a soliloquy atop a soapbox. Through the use of highly intricate and nauseatingly advanced cloning technology from the planet Argelius II and magic learned from a royal flush of mystics, Jasmine is able to control the space time continuum for long enough to record a song or two once every lunar cycle. ... more


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Track Name: Besiege My Keep
You're another pair of optic receptors
To pick up on whatever I missed out on
Your mouth is an led projector

To display your feelings and thoughts

She uses my spine as a skeleton key
As means
To breach

My chest's confines
What do you find
In my chest's confines

Besiege my keep
Keep it please
Track Name: My Best
I can't be certain for how long
But for certain you are mine now
So I'm gonna make it count
And make it worth your timely effort to stay around
Please stay around
As that's the best that I can do
Cause no one can make that choice but you
So what I'm gonna do is do my best
To give you more than a loves supposed to
Not because I'm coerced to
Or because I am forced to
But because I adore you
More than I'm supposed to
Track Name: Ghost Caress
You were a ghost
That came to me
Once a week
And wore my sheets
In the morning
You would leave
Me full of doubt
Much like a dream

The feel of you chest in a ghost caress

Both my friends and family
Didn't believe
You were real
as they'd never seen
You, but you're real
At least to me

You were real
Just not meant to be
More than a ghost
To creep about the halls of my sleep
Track Name: Drain the Chimney
You were a drain
I am a chimney
You would take it all down
Beer, liquor, and whiskey
I will smoke my bricks dry
Til I can't sing tonight
You won't be able to speak, think, or walk straight
Though I can't quite claim
To think to straight to myself

We're running away
From the rain